Red Thread

I know how this Red Thread feels-you will too I think. What a book! It will take one second to read. Please do, people.


Where the eff have you been?

I know, more like, "where have I been." I don't know. I hope I haven't lost all my blog friends but I just wanted to do, and observe without processing. I have been doing a lot of riding. This kind, not this kind like I used to do when my back was strong and my hunger for excitement was off the charts. But those boots side by side are a pretty sight. We are Justin Roper girls. Soren has been busy with archery and now football and baseball--he also has a new babysitting customer who was so happy that her active 4 year old boy liked him-and Soren even cleaned up after the kids.

For back to school, Cyler gave the kids blessings after I took them through a positive intention type ceremony/ritual. I talked about different hopes I had for them during this school year while they did positive imagery using physical objects to help them focus on the things I was saying.

Oil-on head, symbol for health, mental awareness
Sugar-on tongue, symbol for speaking kindly to others
Flowers- around wrists, symbol for creating beauty
Quilt-around shoulder, symbol for safety, shelter and warmth of a loving home
Apple-in hands, symbol of wisdom/knowledge, balance work with pleasure from healthy things
Ellery wants this to be a tradition now. They loved the flowers-and the sugar.
So for me, this year will be:
PTA Arts Chair
Working out
My priorities might even be in this order (at least in my perfect world where I get up every morning and ride till the kids come home and my avatar, "Happy to work at home all day Heather" has deftly cooked, cleaned, organized, shopped and laundered to my high standards and expectations, worked out for me, done emails, checking account reconciliation and pulled weeds, all after washing the car to save money.)
If you're still reading at this point, I will reward you with a fun soiree game for your next get together: "DEF KARAOKE" Two teams-one person from a team dons iPod earbuds and proceeds to sing 10 seconds of a song, not being able to hear her/himself sing. The team gets a point for guessing the title and artist each. If they don't, the other team gets a chance, and then it is their turn. For challenge rounds, have one team choose a song and a player from the other team. The "It" has to sing this song without prior knowledge of what it's going to be (5 points if successful). 'Twer Hilarious!!