I Hear They Comin' for Me

Sometimes living and blogging about living are mutually exclusive tasks. This fun day was my bday present from Becky. We saw JP Gaultier's museum exhibit in Dallas. (Sorry JP for slobbering on your tartan ball gown.) It showed how creative impulses start so young and reside in us if we let it for our whole life. Those bullet bras he made for Madonna he had made them for his bear as a young child. Then we went to Dick's Last Resort where they like to ruff up the customer. It was FUN!
Mother of five, brilliant right leaning fixer of many technological apparati with a hat that says "I miss my old job." The stick figure is a pole dancer in a rain of $$. Hilarious!! Thank you for making my 42nd year one to laugh at. (although I thought all last year I was 42. Numbers slay me.)
I had a job interview in Austin and we took the kids to Lost Pines Hyatt. Guys golfed, and Ell and I had spa stuff. Ellery also did a donkey scavenger hunt, made leather goods and buttons, we rode bikes. So fun.
I am working now for real. Billable hours and a task list, part time consultant to build corporate online education programs. I am actually working under the auspices of Cyler's former boss AMS. I feel fortunate to have this work that enables me to work from home. I am determined to make it work along with home family, primary singing time, working out, and riding. I am sure a lot of juggling will occur. Yay. Hence today's title- a line from one of two inspirational songs I use to pump me up: "I'm the Best" by NickiMinaj (clean version of course*wink)
and I love Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket."
For a Christmas present, Cyler took Soren hunting with the pool guy. That night I asked Ellery to make dinner together. I love cooking with all of us in the kitchen. She yelled "Let's make eggrolls." "Uhmm ok" I say knowing full well I was an eggroll virgin.
We got it done. Ate some. Saved some for the hunters. And froze some for SuperBowl weekend.
A good quick asian dip: Shrimp cocktail sauce, Bragg's Aminos, grape jelly, some minced ginger. Easy.
Candlelight with my girl. Yes I ate 5 eggrolls--this was pre-get on the wagon with my eating plan.