OK, so these are the events leading up to the point during Family Home Evening when Cyler finally said: "I'm in the mood for sending people to their room!"

We clean up dinner after trying to get Ellery to eat more of her dinner. She refuses and insists she's not hungry.

1. We wait and wait for Ellery to join us on the sportscourt for a family game of tennis.

2. She finally comes out in her bathing suit. . .she wants to swim instead.

3. We get her to agree to play with us.

4. Heather, Soren and Ellery all proceed to hit most of their balls over the shorter side fence. Cyler doesn't get much chance to hit the ball.

5. One goes in the pool. Cyler sighs. But luckily Ellery has her swimsuit on. . .she goes after it.

6. After waiting, we finally get Ellery out of the pool and get the tennis ball back.

7. Cyler wants to play basketball, frustrated that he is not getting a ball hit to him.

8. Mosquitoes start feeding on Campbell flesh.

9. Heather starts complaining again about how the short side of the fence is too short.

10. Cyler just starts cleaning the pool since no one wants to play basketball and he doesn't want to hear how the fence is too short.

11. Ellery's swimming.

12. Heather soaks her feet in the cold pool while Soren shoots arrows at his target. He decides for some reason to aim the arrow 180degrees opposite of his target.

13. Soren accidentally shoots Heather in the wrist with an arrow.

14. Cyler verbally disciplines Soren repeating the hunter safety rules over, and over, and over again. At one point he says, "You shot your mom!" Cyler sends Soren to his room.

15. Heather is sitting on the toilet seat feeling woozy and wondering if anyone will come help her with the wound.

16. Soren comes in to apologize and it sounds something like this: "Mom, it's not your fault."

17. After things settle down and Cyler is dealing with the possibilities surrounding his son shooting his wife, Ellery asks him, "Can you fix me some food, I'm hungry?"

Hence, (let's say it all together) "I'm in the mood to send some people to their room!" We might take a vacation from FHE next week. (I'm writing this right after the fact so you know the wound is minor.)


VH Concert

Last night Cyler and I celebrated our Feb. anniversary by seeing the band we saw the night we got engaged. We joined other 40ish people (and their kids) in trying to recapture some youth by going to a Van Halen concert. Well, it worked. Cyler looked like a high schooler, playing air guitar along with Eddie. All he needed was his mullet back. They were good. Eddie, of course, . . .well I'm speechless. To me, he is the modern-day Beethoven. He has all the markings of creative genius--accuracy, speed, variety, prolificacy, replicative ability. The patterns of sound he puts together in one piece is just. . .ok, wow. And he doesn't look like a homeless person anymore. David Lee Roth said it was because of his strange diet of, yes, food and water. But I think Eddie needs to give props to his plastic surgeon too. DLR had good abs as well and favored us with his karate kicks, many hip gyrations, and hat changes.