My hairlength has been how I have been feeling lately: "Where to go from here?" It's as long as I'm going to let it be without looking like I belong to a cult. I'm looking for new directions so I have started to see a counselor who I am choosing to call a lifecoach. I'm not batcrap crazy--just looking for more. Trisha is good at keeping me in the real world and helping me get to what I want to change. She says I'm good at change if it's exciting. I need to be good at change when it requires me to plan for real life or when it requires me to be quiet and still.
The good news is that I'm not a Narcissist. The fact that I admit it, am sad about it and want to change it means I'm not one. Whew. But my lack of maturity, while fun and cute in some instances, is not really helping me out these days. Gotta change it up a bit.
I'll start with a haircut. It's easier.
Maybe it will help me make some other changes I am planning. Being wiser with my resources, possibly working again, being a whole person.
Sometimes our life stories are hard tales to tell. I'm finding I am in a ditch some of the time. How much are my time/skills worth? What passions are worth my time? Which unhealthy habits do I want to tackle first? My shirt above is from HardTail. I would like my tail to be a bit harder. Tackling that is up on the list. So much to tweak and so many extremes to avoid.


Fashion Police2

I need to see why Zoe Saldana keeps popping up in my modest celebrity fashion scans. I wonder if she is consciously making a point or if it's just a fluke.


Fashion Police

Didn't know there was a Nigerian fashion week till now. I would totally wear this.
I like watching Fashion Police because I like Joan Rivers and Kelly Osborne. I don't share their taste in clothes much of the time but they know their style! One of the girls at church put together a modesty fashion show to display how to cover the body and still look stylish. Some of the choices I loved and some left me scratching my head. So I set out to find things I would wear that would make Molly Mormon and Kelly Osborne both proud.
Add a little cami and I love this. I love this. I love this.

Ok just kidding. You bothered with a cardigan, lady? Really?
Kidding again. This would work in places where they really do have 'fashion police.' I think they are called morality police. Serious. Not kidding.