Rasta Man

The controller at work gave me her ski jacket and bibs since they don't fit anymore and her fiance hates snow. Because of this unexpected gift, I have more $ to spend on ski stuff for the kids which I will be shopping for and slowly accruing all summer long. Soren likes this one above-it kind of hurts my eyes. I think he is turning into a peacock like Grandad and myself. I'm intrigued about what he likes about it? Maybe he can grow out some dredlocks.


Havanese Fever

Ellery and I went to the Ft Worth Kennel Club dog show this weekend. I got the fever. Since the kids are older and my work gig is ending soon, I am looking for my next life project. A small part of it I think is going to involve dogshowing. I don't know why I love showing animals--I don't have the space, time and $ for horseshowing. So dogs it is. I think I have a genetic marker for loving wellbred animals--my papa bred cockfighters (to my mother's chagrin and dismay), my grandpa always had a good hunting dog (pointer, german shorthair) in his backyard. Although he also trapped coyotes (right?) so it smelled icky back there. But I miss my grandma's dried apricots--they were GURD!! And my parents love a beautifully put together Arabian.
I took Bodhi to the show for the Havanese ladies to assess. They loved his face (who wouldn't) he has a great bite, tail carriage, good legs and movement. The standard for height is 9-11" at the withers--he is 11 3/4". They sighed with disappointment as they all have females that could have been his girlfriend (polygamy is ok in the canine world by the way). As I get more educated, I will soon be searching for one I can show.
So, as I have a husband-induced-injunction against having more dogs that humans at our house, I need to find Bodhi a good home and search for a dog I can show. (I will neuter him) He has a great personality, the hair does require brushing but can be kept short. I choose to keep it long because I love to groom him. Havanese are non-shedding, hypoallergenic and highly trainable. He is AKC registered and current on shots. He plays endlessly with children and loves other dogs, and loves to play in water. He is crate trained, leash trained, fetches, sits, stays, lays down, and speaks on command. The only thing he doesn't like is Ellery's violin practice. Truth be told, that's a hard one for all of us. He does mark at times which should subside with neutering. If I can't watch him in the house, I simply wrap a diaper to cover the "offending member." Easy peasy. He's not perfect but pretty close. If you know of anyone looking for a 2 year old, small dog like this, let me know. Or forward Bodhi's pic to your friends, family, work/church family etc.
Melissa Stewart, I would make you take him but now that you have a little one coming (I'm excited for you--congratulations!) I won't force you.


West Texas Wellspring

While driving through the great LoneStar state and on into New Mexico, I encountered a wellspring of creative, albeit a bit kookily named, businesses. I like naming things--my virtual reality dogs (Pinkslip, Firedaddy, Triskele and Torta), my vehicles (Luna), harps (Grail), children I'll never have (Paloma and Malcolm), characters in books I have yet to write(Sawyer Penn and Bridie Hannan), businesses/shops I'd like to own (Elderberry Home Healthcare), farms I'd like to live on ("Bottletree Boutique Ranch"). I must have some mental issue, this urge to name everything.

We could call it Adam's Complex (get it? get it? Because he supposedly named everything-even Eve).

So I chuckled, nay, I was enthralled when we drove by:

  • the "Nuttin' Fancy Cafe"

  • the "It'll Do Motel"

  • the Top o'Texas Catholic Superstore

  • Stuff It Taxidermy

and the best for last:

  • "Tome on the Range" Bookstore (get it? get it?)


Cyler the Bargain Huntress

I have this friend that knows how to find BARGAINS. Cyler emulated her this month as he planned our ski trip for Spring Break. He found a place where 40 year olds ski for FREE (As well as 6-under, 4th graders, and 70+). Sipapu, NM is 20 min east of Taos. A small, local ski area. While we were driving there, the resort got 9" of new snow. We borrowed some gear, bought some gear and rented some gear. Skis, boots and poles for an adult were $15, $11 for kids. Lift tickets for adults run $39, children $29. Still a great deal even if you have to pay.

After our first night at Spring Break rates, our tico-type cabin was $60/night. It smelled of natural gas and I will bring my own bedding next time, but we saved $ by spending $145 on food for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Never-ever skiiers like Soren and Ellery got 3 free 2-hour lessons. Ellery only needed one lesson (she informed me). She was right--she was doing blues on her second day and did a segment of black with me on the last day. Soren and Cyler snowboarded. I'll not lie-Soren screamed like a little girl the first time he went down a green. He boarded right over the edge into the trees. The next day was better.

Ellery on the chairlift in front of me. She liked to go up by herself or with someone she didn't know so she could chat. By the end of the 3rd day, she could wave to several of the (male) skiers ("Hi Carlos." "Mom, did you know he has been skiing for 33 years?" I've been skiing for 2 days!" Then she laughs wildly.) We kept the kids out of school 2 days to make it cheaper and we avoided the crowd (but got there in time to see the 2010 Cardboard Derby). Not sure of the long term effect of this decision. I think they'll survive academically.


Ireland, I have one question

When can I come over again? To the Irish that flipped the bird at British imperialism for as long as they could being so close, without using words like "holocaust" and "diaspora." To the Irish that came this side of the Atlantic as indentured servants with eternally renewing contracts for minor infractions, more expendable than slaves. To all the immigrants, miners, politicians, soldiers, moonshiners, and day laborers that built this country even when this country didn't love you back-when you were compelled to fight your fellow countrymen fresh off the boat in the Civil War, when your guns/hunting/liquor making customs (ways to remain economically self-sufficient) were taken from you after you fought on the Confederate side and lost, when the signs hung "No Irish" or "We don't hire Irish" and when Irish Catholic women weren't considered morally fit to nanny Protestant children, when you were told you had too many babies--no reparations asked for.Happy St. Patrick's day. Look how well you're doing now. My heart breaks and dances a jig for you.
And you gave us Mother Jones--Look up what she did.
More American citizens living today can claim Irish/Scots-Irish ancestry than any other ancestry except for German ancestry. No wonder we celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


He's There

The Phantom of the Opera.

We went on a date. Italian food then the theatre. We got dressed up (I let Ellery wear her Easter Dress) and I wore a skirt and jacket I had made in Thailand.

Thai silk is rougher and thinner than Chinese silk but the country is really trying to develop the industry. It feels like a taffeta almost. The elephants make me smile.

Carrabba's is my favorite Italian restaurant chain here. We talked the whole dinner about manners, etiquette and what-if questions. Like what if a friend walks up to you while you are talking to someone else? What if you are invited to a party after you have already accepted a previous invitation. The waiter treated Ellery like a young lady and she sponged it up.

And then "I" happened. I was reaching over the entire length of the table to retrieve the doggy bag, brought it to my side at the wrong angle and knocked over the rather full glass bottle of olive oil. Crash! Splash! My feet and metallic gold heels were awash in EVOO. I slid forward toward the bathroom after giving a penitent look to the waiter (he said "no problem") and lodged a tiny but painful shard of glass in my big toe. I felt like Aesop's lion.

In the car Ellery wiped my shoe while I tried to degrease my digits. The glass didn't come out until after I got home near midnight after traipsing across Dallas Fair Park parking lot, stairs to the lounge and that insanely steep ramp to and from my orchestra level seats. Ellery had such a good time. After doing a feminist interpretive analysis on Christine Daea (can the girl stop needing a man to save her and just make up her mind?) I let myself enjoy the woman's voice who played her. The voice was amazing.


Me. . .and my bosses (sing to "Me and My Shadow")

The intrepid Eric Reed. Builder of buildings. Speaker of Spanish. Lover of CiCi's pizza. He's naming his presently-in-utero son, Major. Is he not a natural born Texan?
Hotmama, Pistol Paralegal in a Mighty Mouse body. Shila's got a gun and will use it on any garage repairman that tries to cheat her and then won't leave her doorstep.

I look up to these two, Brady Bunch style. Robert's pic is coming tomorrow. He'll have a suit on then.


Chocobo Harpy

If you love shopping for sheet music, you will love MusicNotes. It is priceless to be able to see the sheet music and hear a soundbyte before purchase. I think it saves money not to have to buy a whole songbook, and the selection is evergrowing like Wikipedia. It's one of life's joys that a largish amount of piano music can be used as harp music--my funnest find recently is a two pager called "Chocobo's Theme." It is from the video game Final Fantasy. Hear it on YouTube. I can't play it this well yet but on the harp it sound light, sweet, and whimsical.


16th Year Conversation

What do couples who have been married for 16 years say to eachother as they are leaving for vacation? Even as we have this conversation, I know we've had it before and will probably have it again. Many times.

  • We should look up any Triple D places for on the way to Fredericksburg.
  • Did you call the realtor?
  • You're going to fix the printer now?
  • Did you bring Qtips?
  • That needs to be picked up.
  • Should we stay here? No one knows we're here.
  • Cyler, are you ready?
  • Let's go.
  • What are you doing now?
  • Why are you bringing that?
  • Go around the front of my truck (as I am going around the front of his truck)
  • You're not going to lock up the garage? (we lock up the garage)
  • Ok, let's count how many lights we need to leave on.
  • Don't talk to me about the dogs this weekend.
  • Why are you backing up into the driveway again?
  • Jeez, I gotta get the recycle bin.
  • Do we have something to celebrate after 16 years?
  • I'd kinda like to go to the temple with you again.
  • What are you getting at Starbucks? A green tea soy latte?
  • What's an Irish Pirate? (We both bust out laughing)


Fun in Fredericksburg


List Maker?

I am. Here's my pretty list for getting ready to go on a weekend getaway with my man.

Call Becky Reynolds (taking care of kids--when to drop off clothing, extra bedding?)
Pack kids'--underwear, toiletries, shoes, outfits for Sat/Sun, jammies
Fax shot records to Kennel Kare.
Teeth cleaning-Heather and Soren.
Balance Checking account
Pick up books from Library
Clean upstairs-houseshow ready
Get bangs trimmed
Drop by Malouf's open house
Make dinner--bratwurst,sauerkraut/applesauce with onions and caraway, spinach salad
Kids homework, music practice, clean rooms
Go to Michelle's to watch Project Runway, Modern Family and RuPaul's Drag Race

Travel outfit--linen pants, black sweater, purple velvet flats
Fri night outfit--Bigstar jeans, black/creme boat neck silk top, black motorcycle boots
Sat outfit--black leggings, gray long sweater, purple tank, lots of long necklaces, motorcycle boots
Spa Outfit--black silk pyjama pant, lavender v neck wrap top, purple velvet flats
Sat night--denim pencil skirt, brown lattice tights, brown ombre assymetrical sweater, brown suede heel boots
Sunday travel outfit--linen pants, goldenrod long sleeve with tank underneath, purple velvet flats

Lingerie, toiletries (candle, ipod speakers), flat iron, jewelry, camera

Our B&B has a queen (waa)--for some reason I can't sleep while someone is touching me. We'll see if I get any sleep.

Fri AM
drop dogs off
drop kids at school/things to Reynolds'
9am Spin with Cyler
Leave from Gym

I am so excited



It's been a while since I picked up a book for fun. This chic-fluff read is about high Texas society in Austin and the paradoxes of life in general. It piqued my interest because I have a cookbook published by the Junior League of Plano and always thought it was a teen girls club. I didn't know it was for up and coming 20-30somethings. The hot guy artist in the plot makes it fun.
I am reading this right now. I haven't really thought about the history of indentured servititude of Anglos and their relationship with African slaves. These two cultures intertwined in the Carribean on sugar and tobacco plantations. I love Irish history and this fiction does a great job in painting a picture of what it's like to be oppressed by a group who looks and worships like you do but who considers you a whole other species. The author has done a lot of scholarly research on the sociology and psychology of slavery and how it defines "family" differently. Sometimes we forget slavery is ubiquitous in human history.
I am almost done. Any recommendations for a book to take with me to Fredericksburg this weekend when Cyler and I head out for an anniversary weekend?