Life and Life
Stuff and stuff
Buzz and Brawl
Toil and Trouble
And then
a Karaoke party invite
Shows up
And I spring a smile



Independence Day

Six adults and 10 children--doable without overtaxing the hostess and still enough company for good food, conversation and play. Thanks Kenlyn! We had shrimp salad, fajitas, chips/guac/salsa, yummy drinks, fruit salad, coconut cake/flan/watermelon. Tracy can make some flan!
He needs a haircut in a bad way. He's afraid I'll pull a "Samson and Delilah" on him but I promise I won't cut it too short. Just give it shape. He thinks that's code for "Let me shave you."

Bodhi at the parade with his Barbie waterbottle and blue clippie. He looks so masculine:)

Ciboney is shaved (maybe that's where Soren's fears stem from). She looks like a Chinese Crested so it's better for her to have a simple headshot for now. I love her.

The parade. And Ellery took off so fast that I couldn't get a shot. Hers is the light blue bike behind the guy's chest. Ellery can ride a big two wheeler now without training wheels. Yeah baby! Flight lessons are next.

We had some fun on the 4th! Parade (we missed the 5k and pancake breakfast because I was too tired and needed some sleep), and then BBQ at Kenlyn's before Trophy Club Fireworks. Today Ellery had an indoor soccer game at 7am (after 4th of July--insane). Then I played for our friends' daughter BrieAnna Bauman's baptism. She did a solo and nailed it. Going made me glad I am a member of a church that teaches eternal principles. Made me want to do better at my own spiritual path. I still think women should be included in all religious rituals and administrative offices but right now I am going to focus on being a better human--not that these are mutually exclusive. Actually they are connected for me. The goal is Atonement right--oneness with God and each other without losing our creative freedom.


girls night out

Why did I bring kids on my girls night out?? Because I thought it was kids and moms night out like we did last week--I got confused. Thank goodness my friends were cool about it and kept telling me how well they were behaving--credit for that goes to shrimp tacos. We love Mi Chula's. They have the best salsa there. I bought a pint to take to our 4th of July party tomorrow (thanks for the idea Becky!) Ellery's glasses crack me up!! They make me miss my Juicy glasses that I can't find. That's the last time I spend $$ on glasses. Anyway, we had fun chatting about kids, spouses, work, family, working out, health, church, school, sports. These people make me laugh and I like that!! Tonight starts 4th of July festivities. I'll be sure to post pics. Our plans have changed and so we're not going to Nauvoo for my nephew's wedding soon. My side of the family was going to try to make it but can't so now we are hoping to congregate in Eeyootah for Thanksgiving. The good news is that Cyler is taking a few days off so we are going to have an authentic family vacation. Plans are in the works and I love dreaming about freetime with the fam somewhere different and exciting.