Flashdance Flashback

Remember this kind of comb? It was part of the invite we got to an 80's dress up/karaoke party.
Good for ratting. Don't believe me? Check this out:

I went as a rocker chick--Lita Ford, Joan Jett and the girls from Vixen were my muses. I stuffed tube socks under the brastrap for shoulder pads and tucked black workout capris into black leather boots. Then I proceeded to curl, rat and spray. Curl, rat and spray (repeat ad nauseum). Wanna walk down fashion memory lane with me, Lita Joan Heart Benatar, as your guide? Remember Preppies and big sleeves?

And pegged jeans

Here's Don Johnson and Spicoli:

Becca and Sandy on the left wore their prom dresses. Becca's is from 10th grade! She said she couldn't breath but I don't believe her. Janice sported the Flashdance off the shoulder. Look at all that hair!

Thanks Tiffany (flourescent was born in the 80's wasn't it?) and James (Bif from Back to the Future) for a fun night-the dialed in karaoke system, drum set and disco lighting helped us jam to:
Push It (Salt n Pepa)
Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams)
Home Sweet Home (Motley Crue)
Walking on Sunshine (I forgot who sang this--who was it?)
Sweet Child of Mine (Guns n Roses)
Just a Little Respect (Erasure)
Mony, Mony (Billy Idol)
I'll Stop the World and Melt with You (Modern English)
You're Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer)
One couple's teenage daughter dropped by, cutting out early on her own plans to see how the old folks roll. We must have looked hilarious to her. Can you imagine seeing your parents look like a mishmash of Miami Vice and Dynasty singing, "Fame! I wanna live forever!"


Carmel Apples and Hot Tubs

We had friends over to make carmel apples and soak in the hot tub. T'were fun!
Glossy orange globes!

Michelle channeling Julia Child.


Ellery's school hosts an entrepreneur night and she sold fortune telling services. The customer could choose between a palm reading or a look into the gazing ball. At the end of the session, each person got a fortune cookie. (Notice the Christmas tree brooch she has on her forehead.) She told everyone they were going to have a long life, they had many people around them that loved them, they were intelligent and in the future, they would experience a bit of luck in their life.
Some people sold chances at games, food, halloween school supplies etc.

Some of our other friends made these cool pendants out of dominos with designs and crystals decoupaged on top. Cute idea.


On Sunday night I went to an old Baptist church (of Gothic design) in So. Ft. Worth to hear an organ recital. The artist rocked the house but the French designed organ is what stole the show. There were horizontally laid pipes at both ends of the sanctuary-so cool.

The lady turned 8.

Columbus Day

We had so much fun. The Galleria for ice-skating!

And then GattiTown. It's Texan version of ChuckECheese with better games and pizza. Can you tell who was my favorite photo subject that day?


U2 360

U2 came to grace us with their socially responsible, genius, uplifting music and lyrics at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium (the ultimate man-cave).

They had their own screen and so the BIG one was disconnected--waa. It was a great show though--they played ONE after talking about the Burmese woman who won a free election and has been on house arrest for the last 20yrs.

We should have taken Soren. Next time, remind me.

Cyler has been home a lot while I am at work and the roles have temporarily flip-flopped until his projects start again. He was looking for Ellery and found her here, like this--he asked what she was doing and she said, "Meditating." That reminds me that tonight I am teaching the young women in our church Yoga. I'll get pics.


Party Warriors

Ellery has friends that are twins--Their bdays are just days apart so we held a joint soiree for these brave adventurers. We started at the Twins' Keep, painting and bejeweling masquerade masks. Then they had to endure some wicked "challenges" to earn their masquerade dress-up dress for the dance.
They had to escape from a silly-string web.

Bob for apples, a hard-won treasure indeed.

Find clues and solve riddles.

Encourage eachother on their quest.

Defend themselves from floating pumpkins.

They were tough.

The challenge was transformational to say the least. But they prevailed and hip-hopped out on the patio under twinkling orange lights. THEN we ranged further abroad to the Campbell Keep for a moonlight swim and steamy spa fun by the fireplace. T'were chilly but the pool was warm and inviting for these Halloween warriors.

Cyler made the cake. A solid effort not to mention a time-saver for me.

Ain't 8 Great? Afterward we gathered in the Great Hall (the game room upstairs) for a rousing joust of Balloon Charades--pop a balloon, act out the character on the slip of paper inside. The troops were well worn and deserved a safe place to lay down their weapons and rest. We all laid out our pallets and listened to the bard (Disney) entertain us. We all fell asleep together safely in the Keep.

The morning began with fresh doughnuts and juice to revive the party-warrior princesses. Notice the noble furry steed ready to score some doughnuts for herself. These noble souls were then collected by their parents after they gathered all the clothes, towels, glowsticks, candy bags, damp swimsuits, cups, masks that were strewn from East to West in the Campbell Keep.
Five minutes after it was all over, Ellery asked me if we could do it again next week. A Party Warrior is born.


Pink and Blue

Football season is continuing and it's a trip to see 7th graders playing on a big high school field. They look like true (blue) BYU Blues don't they?
I love my kids' new music teacher. She's educated, young and hip and has creative ideas. Like this one:

If the child needs a motive for relearning out of a bad habit, she breaks out the pink topped Scooby Doo bonker that squeaks when it bonks the head. (No students were injured in this shot.)

So, how does a wannabe (pinko) end up working for a venture capitalist, commercial real estate development group? It just happens. Here's what I like about my new schedule:
I get to wear work clothes, shoes and accessories that match, and do my hair.
I have my own scanner on my desk.
I go to bed tired.
Instead of temptations to shop or eat, I am making a bit of money.
My bosses are REALLY cool.
What I need to get used to:
Working out at 2:30pm when I usually nap.
Folding laundry at 10pm
Letting Cyler make Ellery's b-day cake.
Planning to Tivo my shows.

So I walk out yesterday and realize there is such a thing as the corporate belly-button car. (You know, everybody has one.) My (blue) BMW has a name though. Does that help set mine apart?

The seasonal altar. White corn, red flowers, orange spiders, black candelabra, orange berry twigs and jack'o'lanterns, and a spooky family pic (Heather as fortune teller, Cyler as Franciscan friar, Soren as Viking, Ellery as witch.)