Mindless Entertainment

Here is a list of fun sites for children's clothes thanks to my fashion fiend friend Kenlyn:

DPAM (French version of Old Navy)
Everything But the Princess
A Child's Closet
Little Monkey Toes (cute shoes)
Shoe Zoo (although I love looking at Zappos)
Izzy and Ash
Cute Little Me
Sparklin Lil Star

How do I make these all internet links?


Campbell Kids Top Ten

1. Hunting
2. Going to school (that's Ellery)
3. No Homework (that's Soren)
4. Seeing my teachers (Ellery again)
5. Sports
6. Growing a garden (Ellery)(We have yet to do this)
7. Summer vacation (Mom's out of school)
8. When the grandparents come (we get to play games)
9. Cooking (Soren, the future chef?)
10. Puppies

Heather's Top Ten
1. Candles from Canton
2. Sushi
3. Rose, the housecleaning goddess (I love that someone speaks Ghanaian in my house)
4. Pedicures
5. Watching a video in bed.
6. Yoga
7. My red bra (Soren just said "shut up.")
8. Shopping
9. Academic conferences
10. Puppies


Family '08

my loves and lives,
my work and glory,
my calling and passion,
my pain and struggle,
my shelter and solace-

Destination Imagination

I love the idea of Destination Imagination. I was a co-team manager this year. It is a crazy time committment but fun. We didn't get any medals-lots of work to not get at least something. But we had fun and the kids' skit was all their own. This post is dedicated to Mr. President, Aish, Camo the Chameleon, Sergeant Baloney, the Body Guard, Susan the Secretary and the Narrator.


My Essential Quote

"I woke up with my mind stayed on freedom"--from song by Ruthie Foster

Letter I wrote for my parents' 50 year anniversary trip

Dear Sister Bonnie Gay Jolley and Brother George Dwayne Ence,

You have been called to be served at the Catamaran Resort, Mission Bay. You will be among the people of San Diego, Aug 8-10th, 2004, assisting in the soaking up of the sun, fellowshipping the new surfing converts, and acting as witnesses of levity at all times, and in all things, and at all places as you struve to dance on the Paddle Boat Cruise. We are pleased you have chosen to heed the 50-year call to raise seven children, love their spouses, remember all the grandkids' names, and stay together. Now comes the golden opportunity to live a higher law: The Law of Party-and-Sand-in-your-Shorts. We know it is a daunting task, sacrificing to spend time on a private beach with the likes of Iron Man, Vicious Val, Weekie, Delicious, Futhie, and Missy. (All our nicknames.) They have let go their hold of the limbo stick, but we have faith in you abilities to bring them back into the conga line. Please remember to bring neither purse nor script for the room cost and take no thought except that you should bring a romance novel or a duck to carve. And if it should be that you labor all day and get but one suntan, how great shall be our joy.

Return With Honor,

President Gowand B. Happy
The Church of Surf and Turf
of I'll-do-it-manana Saints


The Other Half of My 100s

53. Angelina Jolie intrigues me.
54. I bite my nails.
55. I was MVP for my high school Varsity volleyball team when I was a sophomore.
56. I hiked Havasupai in the Grand Canyon.
57. I got car sick on a bus traveling through the Pyranees Mountains.
58. I have a horrible short term memory.
59. I like blonde jokes.
60. If I weren't Mormon, I would be a polytheistic universalist with overtones of Celtic Christanity and Buddhism.
61. I don't like cold weather.
62. I love staying in hotels.
63. I like raw fish (sashimi).
64. When I die I want bagpipes to play at my graveside.
65. I want my kids to have jobs that have them travel so that I can visit them in different places.
66. I love New York.
67. I make up stupid songs about my dogs. (Like the couple in Best of Show)
68. I think long blonde wavy hair looks hookerish, but it's the way my hair is so what can you do?
69. I like wearing halter dresses over jeans.
70. I love the smell of patchouli.
71. I had a partial hysterectomy after Ellery was born.
72. I am graduating with my Masters degree in History this semester.
73. I like getting really dirty and sweaty from working hard and then taking a nap after a shower and beauty treatments.
74. The book that changed my life is Herbert Butterfield's The Whig Interpretation of History.
75. When I get tired, I tickle my arms or play with my hair.
76. Someday I will own a home in Costa Rica.
77. I attract people who are practical and precise. (Precisely because I'm not?)
78. If I had to choose to be either a dreamer, an engineer, or critic, I choose dreamer-critic.
79. I love Indie and Bollywood movies.
80. I suggest trying the Celtic Sea Salt caramels from Central Market's bulk candy section.
81. When I worked at the Luxor, I would sometimes fake like I had a British or Irish accent.
82. I chuckle inside when people tell me they know what God is and what heaven will be like.
83. I love kids.
84. I think Mormons should dance more often.
85. I would like to live with the Amish or in a monastery for a short time.
86. My favorite thing about Colby is that he can draw.
87. My least favorite thing about Texas are the biting bugs.
88. I am good at noticing trends.
89. I'm glad I breastfed my kids.
90. Inside I know I could be a CIA interrogator.
91. I would like to play in a Celtic rock band.
92. I love looking at black work and red work (embroidery) from the Tudor period.
93. I can't figure out what to make the 3rd bedroom upstairs into.
94. Last year Ellery made a friend, Tariq, on the beach at Galveston. We had a birthday party for him that night on the beach and ate bluecrab we had caught earlier that day.
95. Boring is a four-letter-word.
96. I had a hard time when Soren shot his first deer, but I really like the meat.
97. I agree with the Indigo Girls "the less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine."
98. When I get to heaven, I would like to meet Boudicca.
99. If I could marry Beowulf, I would.
100. Numbers vex, betray and haunt me.


Half of My 100s

My 100s (part one)

I live for variety and paradox.
At times I have the sense and sensibilities of a 14 year old boy.
A good Irish drinking song gets me going.
Foot massages are my #1 stress reducer.
I act annoyed that Cyler wants to move to Montana, but I often dream of what it would be like.
The first thing that attracted me to Cyler was his voice. Hearing it for the first time made me feel like I had just come in from the cold.
I tell people I like history because dead people can’t disagree with what I say about them. Really, I am obsessed with seeing how differently life can be lived, especially by women.
In the future, I would like to be a US Ambassador, adopt, play my harp professionally, and breed Havanese dogs.
I like knowing I gave birth to a smart girl.
The one thing I hate the most is when people use their religion to limit another person’s possibilities.
I love a well-placed cuss word.
I respect anyone who tries to establish a communal society.
The places I feel myself are a university, art museum, a barn, and a steam sauna.
I can run pretty fast.
I used to sleep walk as a child and was extremely afraid of the dark.
I am a fun mom when I play crazy house and Dungeons&Dragons with my kids.
I love all my body parts except for stretch marks and saddle bags.
When I am forty, I plan to get the above removed.
I don’t like diamond jewelry.
I wish I was a hippie-druid-bard-herbalist-philosopher-social activist.
Gift me with something green and you have me for life.
I was born with lots of birthmarks.
I am left handed.
I like henna tattoos. They’re celebrative and temporary.
I am incredibly impatient. (Connected to the fear of dying young I think.)
I think I can sing like Jos Stone but my family doesn’t readily agree.
I wish I could wear a sari and salwar kameez everyday.
I would rather wear a head covering than garments.
As a child, I loved it when my dad would kiss my mom when he got home from work.
My mom has beautiful calves, ankles and feet.
She had these clear acrylic high heeled shoes that fascinated me. I thought she looked like Cinderella when she wore them.
I agree that happiness is being part of a large family, who lives in another state.
My temple visits are in sync with the moon cycle and the beginning of seasons.
I want to homeschool Soren for 6th grade and travel around the world with him.
Trees are the most beautiful things to me.
One of my heroes is my friend, Nicole.
Another is the Abbess of Whitby.
I love it when I have big muscles.
I sleep with my mouth open.
I wish I could see Gaelic Storm perform every Fri. night.
I wonder why I cannot be paid for acquiring new hobbies.
I need to do both paid and unpaid work.
I think one of the most beautiful things created by human hands is the Book of Kells.

I actually like Peking Opera.
I think the land of Israel is overrated. I could understand if Palestinians and Jews were fighting over Napa Valley or the Swiss Alps, or Maui.
Portuguese is the most beautiful language. Period. Except for maybe Hindi.
I spent the night in a teepee at a KOA campground with college friends in Wyoming. It rained that night.
I used to be able to put my feet behind my head and walk on my “sits” bones.
I am an 80’s rocker at heart.