Baby Baby Baby

Gotta see this. The perks of having a teen as a sibling.


Going the Way of the World

My harp, named Grail, broke a string and now I feel like she's a hillbilly missing a tooth in front. I haven't changed it yet because there is only one piece I'm working on that has me play a high E. But I will eventually get to it--fix what's broken, renew the over-used, bring order out of chaos. The effort it takes to do simple things like change the string-or:

Dye a bleach spot on my black skirt,
Cover chipped finish on my coffee table,

or re-faux my music room wall (victim of heavy rain fall that seeped through the roof)

proves to me there is a God. The skill and intelligence to do basic renewal and redemption-to reverse the natural tendency of the universe toward entropy and chaos--what must it take to prepare, stabilize and maintain a planet to sustain complex life forms? I know the concept that it is a mathematic given that at some point, somewhere, at some time, it was bound to happen. But what are the chances that the above objects "going the way of the world" will happen to just get fixed-without intelligent intervention. This is why I want to believe in God. This is why I want to believe a resurrection or continuation of consciousness of some sort can happen. So, I can fix my toothless harp and the bleach spot on the skirt. Cyler can fix the table, and I'll have the painters come look at what they can do to fix the wall. And someday God will fix me.


Hangin' with the Huntress

Six of us went shopping for Bargain Huntress's birthday this weekend to San Marcos. Fart machines, many inappropriate double entendres, eating, power shopping. I haven't felt this 16year-oldish in a long time. When we got back, my nephew stationed at Ft Hood came to visit-we stayed up till 2am. The next day was "Go to church to watch 15 nursery kids for 2 hours-day" (Sunday, for short). Today I am exhausted--from laughing, from shopping, from staying up late. I think I have a "fun" hangover.

Homemade Bows

Use the scrap of wrapping paper after you've wrapped a present to make a bow. Cut it into long thin strips (or fatter ones if you have enough) and curl them with the edge of your scissors. Group some together and tape down, a few at a time. Above, I also taped down sprigs of tulle and celophane I had. It makes for a big explosion of color on top instead of a taut, conservative bow. Which is fine-if you like that sort of taut, conservative feel. For a kid's bday party. I guess.


B Me Up

So my mammogram came back nicely normal, my incredibly dense breast tissue notwithstanding. (Why don't I feel dense there? I feel more like someone put soup in a latex glove and tacked it to my pecs.) BUT

I have a bit higher than 'nicely normal' cholesterol. 216 and it needs to be 199 or below. So I threw out all my expired bottles of vitamins--never will I 'invest' in large bottles again. Here are my new heart helpers. Fish oil and B's (especially B3 niacin) were specifically recommended. The ginseng I bought because I like the word--look at it. G's at both ends and it still sounds pretty-not like Grog. CoQ10 and Resveratrol because I am infinitely vain and want to age gracefully. Plus, CoQ10 sounds so posh--so chemically sophisticated. And Resveratrol eliminates the necessity of drinking my body weight in red wine everyday. Good- no more headaches, purple teeth and slurred speech. The Chrom Pic is an old college habit--I lived with BYU cheerleaders (I know, can you believe it? I once saw them eat a whole chocolate cake in under 2 minutes. I threw up a little in my mouth at the sight so I went to my room upstairs to practice my bass guitar.) and they got me hooked. My breast cancer survivor friend who is a major alternative medicine buff does this:

to keep track of when to take what. I don't want a heart attack so I'm doing it too. Now, take that plaque-man! Recede to the depths of hades from whence you came.


For what it's worth

Happy Mother's Day Susan B Anthony. We are all your spiritual daughters whether we will admit it or no.

Easy Bake, Babies and Irish Morality

My fave little Claire, had a bday and I made some Easy Bake Oven mix for her with her mom. We made Summer Sunshine Lemon Cake, Flower Pot Chocolate Cake, Frosty Locks White Icing, and My Little Pony Oatmeal Cookie mix. We tied the plastic baggies with ribbons and raffia.

Summer Sunshine Lemon Cake

1 C sugar
1 1/2 C flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp lemon flavored unsweetened drink powder (like KoolAid)
1/3 C vegetable shortening

Combine dry ingreds. Cut in shortening. Scoop 1/3 C in plastic baggies (Makes 10 packages). Add 4 tsp water to use in EasyBake Oven. Use within 12 weeks.

More, go to Prepared Pantry.com

On Sat a.m. Ellery and I went to a mom and daughter brunch. I made a pretty baguette and cheese spread but I didn't like it so I'll not torture you with a recipe that's yuck.

Saturday night I got a date night in a new outfit. Cyler and I ate at the small community theater in So Ft Worth and saw Lonesome West. The play was funny, instructive about the mimetic nature of vengeance and the Irish accents were superb. Sunday I got homemade school gifts, a corsage to wear to church (I put it in my hair) and Cyler said some nice things about me in his talk during sacrament meeting. The boys had baseball, so Ellery and I ate Italian and saw the new movie Babies. Ellery was full of questions ("What is that brown stuff on the baby's bum? It just got born. Does the baby poop in the mom's tummy? Why is that mom squirting her baby in the face with her milk? They don't have water in Mongolia? Why is that baby eating a rock?) Good Times.


Work Hard Play Hard Washerwoman

Friday night we fed 330 teens for youth conference. Dinner at 7, dessert at 10pm. 39 tables seated nine each. One of the guys helping to set up asked, "Do you think they'll appreciate this?" I said, "Not until they do it for someone in turn." In the middle of the chaos I realized that my neck pain which had been with me since I fell out of Scorpion pose a few weeks ago had gone away. Hmm.The Bread Cave.
On Saturday, I got to have fun. I got an updo at the salon.

That was after I went to my friend's house and helped her do flowers for her Kentucky Derby party. She let me take this arrangement home as a thank you.

Chicken salad, bourbon balls, shrimp cocktail, cucumber sandwiches, meringues.

Horseshoes with the gentlefolk. (And rockband, betting on the horses, and a not too rousing rendition of "My Old Kentucky Home").

Today I am washing--family dishes, sheets/towels, dog dishes, coolers and crockpots from Friday night, pool filters, purse linings, sippy cups from Nursery yesterday. I wonder how Cinderella felt after her updo, pretty dress, and hat were put away. I feel like staying in my jammies (done) and playing on the computer (done).