December's End

I made a list in my notebook of all the events in December that were extra, pertaining to Christmas celebrations. These were things I either made food for, planned, hosted or attended. As they finished I would check them off to feel a sense of "Ok, I'm getting through this bit by bit and look at all the fun I'm having." It has been very fun and BUSY especially since this all happens in the midst of 2 houseshowings a week, and Cyler travelling 3 days per week. I do remember one night I was so tired and Cyler's (weekend)snoring was incessant so I said in the dark, @2am, "Just shoot me now" and at the time I meant it. But today I feel great as all but NewYear's Eve is checked off.
Dallas Parade
Do Tree
Ward Party
Choir Party
Secret Santa (church and family)
Ellery dance parent visit (3 classes)
3 Family Advent dinners
Gingerbread houses
Ellery Choir performance
Ellery School Party
Cookie Exchange
Jared Hall's bday party
Ellery Christmas Tea Party
My dad's Bday
My bday trip to museum w/Becky
Christmas eve (Soren bday dinner)
Ward Christmas program
New Year's Eve (Soren party)
We get to go to Austin for a couple of business things today. I'm looking forward to seeing the new film "Warhorse" with the family while we are there. Cyler and the kids are coming home and for my birthday, Cyler is letting me stay in Austin for a 2day getaway with me, myself and I. I will use the time to focus on wellness, nutrition, beauty, (I have been off the wagon with my eating and I'm bringing my at home spa stuff) and planning a balanced life in 2012. And lots of reading.


Thinking in New Ways

Here are some things from the arts that are making me think in new ways:
Book: Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali