Comics and the rest of us and Kierkegaard

Comedians/iennes I have heard are highly intelligent but often suffer from depression. Humor helps them deal with emotional/mental illness. But I was wondering about others I know of that are highly intelligent/depressed and why they didn't turn out to be comedians/iennes:

Hitler--His attachment to Germany's idealized, heroic, mythic past was his downfall. If only he would have deradicalized himself with humor.
Isaiah--the personification of "the man who knew too much."
David Koresh--Poor guy had a hard life and couldn't read very well. So, he just memorized the whole Bible, led a communal society, and built what he considered the "Kindgom of God" to get ready for the Second Coming.
Stockard Channing in "Grease"--She was mad all the time.
Marie Antoinette--She was depressed at least until she produced a fit heir and then was probably fine until the unfortunate guillotine incidents.
David Bohm--Quantum Physicist
Charles Dickens, T.S. Eliot, Michel Foucault--We should all thank our lucky stars they didn't deradicalize with humor.
Soren Kierkegaard--(picture above) Hated the empty formalities of organized religion. I'm afraid/fully expecting to fall in love with him when I meet him in heaven (or wherever heretics like us end up). Maybe I could cheer him up with witty repartee.

So who do you think would have been better off using humor to heal from emotional/mental illness? Who didn't and hence, made the world a better place to live?

OK, Cyler just walked by my computer and saw Kierkegaard's pic onscreen and said, "Why do you have a picture of Joseph Smith on your blog."

Mostly Ellery and then some

So, we always have quiet time after church and meal. That means a nap for Cyler and I. For Ellery today it meant drawing pictures of animals and taping them all over her room.

She lost a tooth a couple of days ago. Her friend Isaac lost one of his at my house, but I think I accidentally threw it away. I don't know how to make that one up to him. Soren has a loose tooth and a boy that helped me in singing time today lost a tooth while standing up in front with me. I'm surrounded by toothless people!

Ellery had her Kindergarten bridging ceremony. Please notice the world and sign I helped create. (OK focus back on Ellery.) She's the one with the hot pink fake flower on her dress.

Dance recital! Cyler and I skipped town for the weekend for Michelle's B-day. The babysitter took Ellery to her recital. I can't figure out if I am an enlightened or a bad mom. I'll make the next one, I promise.


Oh my! Blog much?

I graduate, have a mini-identity crisis, summer starts and I lose my will to make and keep a schedule. Yay!! And blogging has suffered, as well as reading, editing my paper, sticking to a budget/eating plan, looking for service opportunities. I am floating between things I have to do and things I want to do with no real set agenda. I am doing things but whether I am accomplishing anything is another matter. I have indulged my passion for shopping quite enough in Cyler's eyes so I need to do something else with my time and energy. I have decided that the rule at 24 hour Fitness of letting only 12 year olds and up to exercise is an arbitrary, man-made rule, so Soren (11 1/2 years old) has come with me to the gym every once in a while--tomorrow is spin class and we sweat like we have a ton of it in storage. (Left the computer)
Ok I'm back. I had to rock out to "Duke of Earl" with Soren--showed him the chord progression on the piano. Oh, that reminds me-my friend Sandy, for her 40th birthday is getting a drum set. How cool is that? I asked her to be in a Celtic rock band with me and she's thinking about it. She's an 80's rocker like me. She's pretty enough to be the front man--her husband has been calling her his "cougar" lately. She tells him she would like to have the $ to back up the title. HaHa!
So, I have been making a list of the activities I have been doing with the kids since summer vacation began so that at the end of it, they can't say to me "we didn't do anything." Well, now to update my favorites! Tell me how you are!!