Reviving Ophelia, or rather, Reviving Blogjournal

It's time for me to get back to the task of journaling. There are too many things I want to remember and share. I have friends that I have captured on film that haven't seen the light of blogger day. I am more realistic about how much people care about my never-to-be-humble opinions, but they are still mine to document-so I am coming back to blogger to map the trajectory of life.
I need to remember my family. Write what I feel about them. Chronicle what I learn from them and how they help me to want to acheive balance. My sisters Melissa (above) and Valerie (below)--working moms, faithfilled, peace-loving, with laughs I can hear myself in.

I need to chronicle my various crushes on dark exotic men. Hrithik I still love, but Sheik Hamdan is an excellent horseman. He wins my OCD attentions this year.
I wonder if Sheik Hamdan saw that I am trying to be a good horsewoman, he would grant me honorary place in his harem. A white mormon, married mom of 3 in saddleseat habit would be an entertaining novelty, No?