Roll Tide

Soren's team made it to the championships. They are Crimson Tide (Alabama, so don't ask me why they have elephants on their caps) and they play the Tar Heels (I have no idea where that name comes from) tonight. It is going to be exciting. Tar Heels are the ones to beat and Tide is the only one to come close. So I am asking all of you to send him good vibrations tonight between 6pm-8pm so that he can help his team! Soren is second one from the left on the bottom. He likes baseball which gives me time to read. . .lots. Boys this age are fun--they like to be hugged still. He was mowing the lawn and I said that it was kind of like cutting the earth's hair. He said, rather, that he imagined each blade of grass was a soldier and that he was destroying them en masse. (Well of course he didn't say "en masse.") He and I are going to change our relationship forever this next year when we homeschool and travel together. I don't want him to think of me as a teacher per se, but more like a fellow student so I am going to let him make up a name for me that we only use during school hours. I wonder what he will choose. (How about Crazy-Lady-in-Need-of-Tummytuck) It's like a Native American name-giving.



Graduation/Mother's Day

Yes Ma'am,
I did done gradiated!! Yes! Walking was fun. I waved to my advisory committee and family while I walked across the stage. I think Cyler took pics--I'll get them from him. It made me want to read about all the research these amazing students were doing--I don't think I would be able to survive too far from a University. And my parents came into town. I was stressed that everything should be perfect for them (dogs, sheets, food, kids, my attitude) but they made me feel at ease! Mom and I played the harp to each other, exchanging music and tips. Thanks Dad for having fun at the American Girl Doll Store in Dallas! (And for putting up with unorthodox moi.) We ate yummy meals (BBQ pork loin on Sat, Crab legs on Sun, banana cheesecake both days!) My primary kids (I am the chorister) sang Mother's day songs on Sunday and they did grrreat. Cyler got me a "the other woman" (a Blackberry) of my very own for a combined Mother's day/grad gift. It rocks! I am trying to see how I can make the ringtone for when he calls me, "The Son of a Preacher Man." If you know how to assign specific contacts a ringtone, chime in and let me know. It has a GPS system that will come in handy in Ireland--now if it could tell me where my car was when I walk out of Costco, I would be good. My good friend Becky got me a massage appt--the masseuse comes to my house at 2 today!! Praise Becky, La la la!

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Going to look for grad pics now!