Maeve Paisley Grace

 This past week Ellery and I babysat horses (5 head down from 12) at Dub and Linda's for several days.  It gives them a chance to go spend time with granddaughters without worrying about troughs, stalls and feeding time--and me a chance to pretend I'm a cowgirl. When we got home, Soren petted the dogs and said "You are filthy!  That means you had a great time out there."  It has been a few weeks since Glory went to his new owner in New Mexico along with Furlough.  A few days ago was the first time I thought I saw him in the stall.  It's weird how the mind gets so used to a certain reality and then when things change it still wants to think the way it used to be.  I miss him.

 But I'm having a great time with Grace.  She is Buddy and Princess's baby so she has his hair and face and WALK in a more petite package.  She is like a pencil skirt--doesn't look like much on the hanger, but when you put her on she's a knockout.  She's a shake and gait girl!  It's harder for an older gaited horse to learn to canter--we are working on it using rollers on her outside leg in the round pen.  She's willing to learn and has a great forward attitude.  I like her a lot.  Something amazing happened--I had been experiencing chest pain from the anxiety I have been carrying around for the past few weeks--after riding twice, the pain was gone.  I'm so thankful to have riding as a healthy outlet--I have gained a great community as a result as well--Ivins, Feltners, McGillis, and the strong single professional women who run their own places-Carol Camp, Gwen Gerloffs, Chris Broxson, Val Delana, JeanMarie Degville.  They are inspirational to me and have been so generous with their advice and encouragement.

Linda had this fun vintage Betty Crocker cookbook. I tried to find a date on it unsuccessfully but it had to be from the late 50-60's. I read it. And then I found a blog called Jen but never Jenn where she tries to live like a 1950's housewife. It is a riot. She talks about how every dish has a sauce and how she fresh squeezes juice every morning.  What was the fascination with moulding meat into all sorts of contortionist aspics?  At any rate, it lit a fire in me (the cookbook, not the aspic)-this summer I haven't been cooking very much--too hot, too busy? When I got home I cooked. Yesterday was Peach Pork Chops, and today was Reuben Sandwiches/Apple Slaw, Eggnog pie. I garnished, I used my apron, I made up a beverage:  mix orange juice concentrate w/ Bengal spice ice tea.  Ellery said dinner today was "drooping" with flavor. Football has started so the walking vaccuum that is my son is happy to have good food around.  Me, I must jog tomorrow. 
One of my friends had boxes from a recent move and I just asked her "Can I have those? Maybe if I bring them home, God will see that I'm ready to let our house sell." Within a month, we got an offer. So we have a contract pending on our house.  We applied for a rental house but were too late in the process so I went over to another friend's house to try the boxes magic thing again.  The next week we put in an application for a rental home in the kids' school district and it was accepted.  We are going over there tomorrow to check it out again and give the deposit.  This week, I will be madly getting ready for school to start, working, and editing my possessions to fit into 2400sq ft.  There is virtually no laundry room so that will be a challenge since I basically live in the laundry room.  Instead of decorating with a theme in mind, I have decided to decorate based on how I want to feel in each room.  So for now, I want to channel Christine Lagarde (music/office)-worldly/effortlessly chic/smart minimalism, Queen Maeve (master bdr)-apparently the woman had a healthy "appetite", and Janis Joplin (kitchen)-quirk/casual denim, paisley and funkyjunk. 

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